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The Sport Pack in Black The Sport Pack in Black

The sport pack in Black

$48.00 USD
The Sport Duffle in Beige The Sport Duffle in Beige

The sport duffle in Beige

$88.00 USD
The Sport Duffle in Black The Sport Duffle in Black

The sport duffle in Black

$88.00 USD
The Sport Pack in Beige The Sport Pack in Beige

The sport pack in Beige

$48.00 USD
The Water Bottle Sling in Beige The Water Bottle Sling in Beige

The water bottle sling in Beige

$44.00 USD
The Water Bottle Sling in Black The Water Bottle Sling in Black

The water bottle sling in Black

$44.00 USD
The Sport Tote in Beige The Sport Tote in Beige

The sport tote in Beige

$58.00 USD
The Sport Tote in Black The Sport Tote in Black

The sport tote in Black

$58.00 USD


Are you all about the hustle? Our Active Bags are ready to ride along with you to the trail, the court, the gym, and beyond. These gym bags know that breaking a sweat doesn’t mean you have to miss out on style. Every aspect of our Active Bags is crafted with both form and function in mind. 

The comfortable padded shoulder strap on the Sport Duffle bag ensures that the only thing causing your soreness is all those push-ups you did during your last upper-body session. The Sport Tote bag’s convenient size keeps bulkier items like your yoga mat or tennis racket secure while you’re on the run. And don’t sweat the small stuff, either. Carry your workout essentials with you anywhere. 

The Sport Pack’s straps make sure that it hangs tight while you hike, bike, or run so you can have your workout gear on hand without ever having your hands full. The Water Bottle Sling takes care of not only your hydration but also the rest of your essentials like your phone, keys, and wallet. 

Every one of our Active Bags comes in black and beige, so you can choose between dark or light when outfitting your workout. No matter which color you choose, these sports bags show off their sleek, monochromatic look that’s at once unobtrusive and eye-catching. 

With thoughtful finishes and flourishes like drawstrings and paracords, your new stylish gym bag will hold everything together while helping you look put together, too. Whether you’re looking to highlight your fashion sense or just want a solid standby as you work toward high reps and high stamina, you can’t go wrong with these gym bags. 

So how do you know which is the ideal gym bag for you? The biggest determining factor will be their size and shape. Are you rushing from the office to the gym and need to bring a change of clothes and extra gym shoes with you? A bigger workout bag like the Gym Duffle is your best bet. Are you taking a relaxing walk around your neighborhood to unwind after a long day working in front of your computer? Keep it low-key and bring along the Water Bottle Sling for everything you need and nothing more. There’s an active bag for everything in between. Whether you’re sweating it out on the mat or cooling off in the open air, we’ve got the perfect gym bag for you. 

Despite the hefty price tag on certain gym memberships and workout classes, staying fit and feeling your best should always be affordable. To that end, all of our products are thoughtfully designed and well-crafted with a price tag that won’t wear you out. An active lifestyle can take many forms, and everybody deserves to find a routine that’s right for them. 

Take advantage of natural environments like the beach or the woods as you walk, run, hike, and sweat your cares away. Escape the noise of the dense urban sprawl and take some time for yourself in lush parks and nearby trails. No matter how you stay in shape, our Active Bags help you stay stylish and well-stocked while you do it.